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Adoptive Parenting - Seeking Children To Adopt

The number of people looking for children to adopt has remained fairly constant in recent years and the latest statistics show that there are approximately 128,000 adoptions in the United States each year. This figure may seem small but the cumulative effect of this year on year means that there are literally millions of adopted children in the United States today.

For many years there was something of a stigma attached to adoption and for many couples the search for children to adopt was seen very much as a 'last resort' only to be contemplated when they were unable to have children of their own. Thankfully this situation has changed considerably in recent years and for many people today adoption is seen as being very much by choice rather than from necessity.

There is certainly no shortage of children to adopt and children are put up for adoption for a variety of reasons. Some children for example are put up for adoption by their birth parents while others find themselves in foster care for a variety of different reasons and will not be re-united with their biological parents. Increasingly, there are also children from around the world in need of a home.

For everyone who is involved in adoption (birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted children) adoption is the start of a life-long and life-changing journey and it is certainly not a journey that you should embark upon without considerable thought.

Parenting, while immensely rewarding, can be a difficult task at times and the adoptive parent will often, but not always, encounter some additional challenges along the way.

Nevertheless, adoption is very much a journey along a two-way street and, while there may be some difficulties, most adoptive parents find that giving a child a stable home and the nurturing and love that he or she needs is more than rewarded in the longer term.

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