Baby Shower Bingo Games

Anyone who has ever played bingo will know that it is not only an exciting game to play in its own right, but that it is a particularly enjoyable game when a group of friends get together and turn their bingo night into much more of a social gathering. That's one of the reasons why baby shower bingo games are always such a success.

Now you can of course simply play traditional bingo at your baby shower but, while that will certainly work, it's a bit dull. What you really want to try to do is to adapt your bingo game so that it is either related directly to your baby or to the theme of your baby shower.

For example, instead of using traditional bingo cards printed with numbers, replace the numbers with baby-related terms such as baby food, baby toys, booties, baby stroller, baby diaper, diaper bag etc.

Similarly, if your baby shower has a theme then use words related to that theme. So, if your theme is Donald Duck you would choose words such as Mickey Mouse, Huey Dewey and Walt Disney. And, if your theme is Winnie the Pooh then you might choose words such as Christopher Robin, Pooh Corner, Piglet, Eeyore and Aker Woods.

Now this might seem like a lot of work but guess what - it's all been done for you and a quick search will reveal several places where you can actually design and print off your bingo cards on your own computer.

Coming up with baby shower games ideas and materials has never been easier.

And remember that bingo is simply one of many games you can play including baby shower poem games, baby shower trivia games, a pass the parcel baby shower game, candy baby shower games and even baby shower games for men.

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