Baby Shower Games For Men

Although baby showers used to be very much an all girl affair this is no longer the case and this means that when it comes to planning your party games you will need to include some baby shower games for men.

People often think that when you invite the men along to what is sometimes referred to as a 'coed baby shower' you need to move away from having games and that the party becomes much more of an 'adult' affair, but this is simply not the case. True, you will probably want to go easy on the pink and drop some of the traditional girlie pastimes, but you can still organize some great games with everyone having a wail of a time. Here are some ideas:

If the shower is being held before the birth one traditional game is to have the guests guess the girth of the mother-to-be using toilet paper as their measuring stick. Each guest tears off a length of toilet paper to what they think is the right length and then uses it to measure the expectant mom's belly. The nearest length wins. With the boys attending you can still play this game but this time how about getting the father to give the mom-to-be a hug and guess the girth of the happy couple?

A diaper race is also great fun. Divide the guests into two mixed teams separating couples into separate teams and then place each team behind a starting line on one side of the room with an infant-sized doll each. On the other side of the room is a table with two sets of diaper changing equipment. On the word 'go' the first member of each team has to run across the room, remove the baby's diaper, wipe the baby clean and dry, powder the baby and apply a fresh diaper before running back to hand the baby to the next member of the team to repeat the process. This can be a hilarious game and competition can become quite intense.

Another great diaper game can also be run as something of a race with couples competing against the clock. In this case each couple is again given an infant-sized doll and, in this case, a cloth diaper and two diaper pins. The couple then has to apply the diaper. Sounds too easy! Well, of course it is except that the couple has to hold right hands while putting the diaper on and so can only work with two left hands!

Yet another great game for couples is 'Let's make a baby'. The new parents leave the room for a few minutes while each couple, working with Play-Doh, has to make a baby and then place it on the table ready for inspection. Once all the babies have been made the new parents return and judge the most beautiful baby.

These are of course just a handful of many ideas for games which can involve both the girls and the guys and with a little bit of thought you will find that it is not to difficult to add to this list.

And don't forget that there are still many tried and tested games for baby showers which work just as well for both traditional all girl and mixed celebrations. Games such as a pass the parcel baby shower game, baby shower trivia games, candy baby shower games and baby shower bingo games will all go down well at any party.

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