Baby Shower Trivia Games

Baby shower trivia games are always a firm favorite and are not only great fun for your guests to play but can also provide you with a lot of fun putting the questions together for a game. There are all sorts of different trivia games ideas which have been tried and tested and here are just a few to which we are sure you will be able to add plenty of your own with only a little bit of thought.

Baby Trivia. Draw up a list of about 15 to 20 questions about babies, print up copies of the question sheets and pass them around to your guests. The person who gets the most questions right wins. To help ensure that you get a winner you should ensure that at least a few of the questions are a little bit tricky. As with most baby shower trivia games you might find it helpful to provide the players with multiple choice answers. Here's an example of a couple of questions you might use:

Question: What is the greatest number of surviving children from a single birth?

  1. 6
  2. 7
  3. 10
  4. 12
  5. 15

[Note: the correct answer is 7.]

Question: On average, how many diapers does a newborn baby go through in a day?

  1. 3 to 7
  2. 8 to 12
  3. 13 to 20

[Note: the correct answer is 8 to 12.]

New Parents Trivia. This can be a fun game for a baby shower where you have younger guests who are attending as couples. Draw up a set of questions concerned with raising children (including such things as feeding and discipline questions) and pass the question sheets out to everyone to complete. Once the questions have all been answered couples should then be marked in pairs to see how well their answers agree, with the winning couple having the greatest degree of agreement. You and your guests might be surprised at just how views differ between mom and dad!

Celebrity Baby Names Trivia. This game can be great fun because celebrities have a habit of picking some of the weirdest of names for their children. Here you simply draw up a list of about 15 to 20 celebrities and also provide a second randomly arranged list of their baby names. Guest then simply have match the baby names to the list of celebrities with the guest with the greatest number of matches winning. To make this game a little harder you can also add in a few 'made-up' names of your own into the random list of baby names.

Nursery Rhyme Trivia. We all love nursery rhymes and these super little stories tend to stay with us throughout our lives, but how well do we remember the details? In this game you simply draw up a list of 15 to 20 questions taken from some of your favorite nursery rhymes. For example, 'what did the cow jump over?', 'who sent Hansel and Gretel into the forest?' and 'how many blackbirds were baked in a pie?'

Guest of Honor Trivia. In this game the object is to find out who knows the proud new mother (or mother-to-be) best by drawing up a set of questions related to the shower's guest of honor. Such questions might include 'what did she want to do after she left school?', 'who was here favorite singer when she was in fifth grade?' and 'who did she have her first kiss with?'

These are of course just a handful of ideas to help to get your creative juices flowing and of course trivia games are only one form of many different games for baby showers and there are many others including such things as baby shower poem games, a pass the parcel baby shower game, baby shower bingo games, candy baby shower games and even baby shower games for men.

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