The Advantages Of Home Schooling

There are far too many advantages of home schooling to list them all here but we have listed some of the most frequently quoted benefits of home schooling just to give you a flavor of why so many parents today find this such an attractive option. These advantages are not listed in any specific order.

  • You are in full control of both what your children learn and when they learn it.

  • You can arrange your teaching so that it best suits each individual child's learning style.

  • You can organize your teaching to take maximum advantage of a child's natural talents (whether these be musical, artistic, scientific or anything else) and allow a child to grow and excel in these areas.

  • You can give a child the very personal attention he or she needs in areas where he or she is struggling, or indeed is excelling.

  • You can demonstrate the joy and excitement of learning.

  • You can build both intimate and meaningful relationships with your children.

  • You can teach you children the values and beliefs that are important to you and address their questions as they arise.

  • You can protect your children from many of the negative influences which they will inevitably encounter in the public school system.

  • You can tackle many of life's "big issues" in a way that best suits your children's needs and, just as importantly, at a time that is right for your children.

  • You can share the everyday joys of life with your children and also help them through some of the difficult times that accompany growing up.

  • You can create your own teaching schedule which fits with your life, rather than fitting your life around the school schedule.

  • You can take family holidays whenever it suits and can even make these educational if you like.

This list of home schooling advantages can of course be extended considerably but perhaps the greatest advantage of all is simply the fact that home schooling works. Academically several studies show that home schooled students are leaps and bounds ahead of their public school counterparts and the benefits in terms of developing social values and life-skills, as well as in strengthening the family, are also undoubted.

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